Boracay Island in the Philippines
Discover one of the most fascinating islands in the world.

Where is Boracay Island? In the heart of paradise.

Boracay Island is breathtakingly beautiful, around an hour of flight time south of the capital of the Philippines, Manila. It is a unique holiday gem. Thanks to its incomparable beauty, it is considered one of the most significant islands of the archipelago and is certainly one of the most brilliant tourist designations of our time.

From sailing to cave expeditions adventure activities on Boracay

Perfect white sandy beaches that almost surpass those in the Caribbean, in Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia, welcoming you offering active relaxation: Sailors, windsurfers, wakeboarders, jet-skiers, snorkelers and divers find enjoyment in the water while athletic connoisseurs ride on the beach, tour though the landscape on their four-wheelers, do climbing inland or undertake mountain hikes and cave excursions. The fascinating scenery must naturally not at all lack magnificent greenery: No less than the world famous golf professional, Graham Marsh, designed the 18-hole par-72 golf course that fulfills the highest of requirements itself and also welcomes beginners to celebrate their first success.

Special highlights on Boracay:

Those who love adventure and would like to experience the archipelago’s nature in a special way will have unforgettable experiences on Boracay.

Cliff diving on Boracay

At Ariel’s Point, make an attempt to jump into the crystal clear water during your rewarding day excursion. 30 minutes away from station 1, you will find five different platforms 3 to 13 meters high for the cliff jump of your life.
Afterwards, you shall relax while snorkeling, kayaking, sunbathing or sitting at the bar with favorite shady locations.
You can find detailed information directly at your hotel or at the ticket office located at the Ariel building which is situated on White Beach.
Costs: 1,500 PHP for a colorful experience with a barbeque buffet, unlimited drinks, such as mineral water, beer, pop or rum, and entry to Ariel’s Point as well as a round trip ticket.

Island hopping on Boracay

Beautiful, scarcely populated in part and completely untouched dream-like islands wait around Boracay for explorers to come. On great boat rides to nature treasures, while snorkeling at the intact coastal areas in individual groups ranging from 5 to 10 persons or with up to 30 guests, you can discover islands which are well worth seeing.

Kiteboarding on Boracay

Pure freedom. When the cool north wind, Amihan, reaches the island and there is hardly any more precipitation, the water at White Beach becomes as smooth as glass while Bulabog Beach inspires athletes from the entire world with paradisiacal windsurfing and kiteboarding conditions.

Must-see sights: Tourist sights on Boracay

Those who want to become acquainted with the most beautiful perspectives of Boracay can’t miss out on visiting the most impressive sights:

Crocodile Island

A 20-minute boat ride brings you to Crocodile Island, located on the southern tip of Boracay, being considered one of the most popular starting points for underwater expeditions and diving adventures.

Butterfly Garden

The colorful liveliness of tropical nature becomes noticeable in a special way at the Butterfly Garden. Around 300 butterfly types and up to 500 different plants create a paradisiacal abundance that is truly enchanting.

The Kingfisher Farm

Enjoy regional foods and learn to love exotic cuisine. At Boracay’s most narrow area, approx. 10 minutes by foot from the main street and in the middle of the famous theme park, there is the Kingfisher Farm Restaurant welcoming you to experience extraordinary gourmet moments.

Dead Forest

The Dead Forest forms an unexpected contrast to the otherwise so lush and rich vegetation of Boracay. Numerous movie directors have already chosen this inhospitable and still very impressive part of the island as a scene for horror and end-of-the-world films. In the southern area located near Bulabog Beach, it is the backdrop for melancholic pictures and evidence of damaging environmental influences.
Swimming in this area is not recommended. Bring along insect repellent for this excursion.

Incomparable: Boracay’s beaches

Like seven precious treasures, the beaches that are among the most beautiful in the world surround the Philippine paradise island.

Balinghai Beach

Pure romance – Balinghai Beach is made for a weekend for two. The idyllic huts are nestled into rugged cliffs and offer a panorama that has no equal.

White Beach

The queen of Boracay’s white beaches is a magnet for those who seek relaxation. Powdery sand, palm trees and crystal clear water offer picture-book scenery.

Diniwid Beach

Exclusive and special Diniwid Beach is smaller than the legendary White Beach and offers a lot of private space and a dream-like panorama over Boracay from the cliffs.

Bulabog Beach

In the first months of the year, Bulabog Beach completely belongs to the windsurfers and kiteboarders. Novices and professional enjoy perfect conditions here.

Cagban Beach

Solitude and relaxation – at Cagban Beach, according to legend, there are still forgotten treasures buried. The most beautiful of it all is certainly the enviable peace of this little spot full of happiness.

Tulubhan Beach

Somewhat further south of the windsurfing Mecca, Bulabog Beach, Tulubhan Beach lies with its numerous small and peaceful bays. Especially in the months of February and March, you can enjoy the sun and water here at the beach which is surrounded by many shady trees.

Puka Beach

Directly opposite Carabao Island at the northern end of Boracay, Puka Beach is located that the natives call “Yapka” Beach due to its beautiful shells. The shells are processed by hand into armbands, necklaces and other types of jewelry.

Under the starry sky: Nightlife on Boracay

Thos who see the star-studded night sky of Boracay for the first time remain speechless for a few moments. On Boracay under this magnificent starry firmament after the sun has set, the golden time begins. Numerous bars and restaurants liven up the pulse of the island at night.

The best time to make a vacation on Boracay

For an amazing experience, we recommend the summer months from March to May and the months September and October for your vacation in Boracay. Summer is enjoyed here from March to May June, July and September are considered off-season although price-conscious tourists especially appreciate this time for travel. The period from October to December is when the coolest weather occurs, however, the largest sports events on the island take place during these months.

A vacation in January constitutes a really special highlight:
  • The world-famous “Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival” celebrates the Philippine carnival in the third week of January.
  • International sports event organizers such as the “Boracay International Funboard Club” and the “Annual International Paraw Cup Challenge” welcome you in January and February to be a part of the excitement.

The climate:

  • Average yearly temperature: 23 °C to 35.6 °C (73 °F to 95 °F)
  • Average water temperature and ground temperature: 25 °C to 28 °C (77 °F to 82 °F)
  • Visibility under water: 32 to 131 feet (10 to 40 meters)
  • Coldest period: November to February
  • Warmest period: March to June
  • Diving is possible year-round